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Solar panel installation is an investment; and just like any other types of investment, it requires careful evaluation. We understand that price is a major factor in this evaluation.

As the demand for solar power systems grows, the need for more robust systems that deliver inceased power and efficiency. Roofing in London offers reliable solar energy solutions and grid connectivity. 


· Site assessment to solar system design, supply, installation, and maintenance

· Complete installation site suitability free survey

· Check solar panel energy generation and savings

· Advice on planning and building warrant issues

· Site preparation before the installation process

· Assistance with connection to the national grid

· 10-year product warranty

· Annual maintenance contracts with installers

· 24/7 Professional Monitoring

· Proactive Service Dispatch

If you would like to discuss your ideas or have any questions call us on 03335 77 30 35 or fill in our contact form where you can arrange a free survey and quote.

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