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Lead provides not only timeless style, but also has strength and anti-weathering properties. Lead work is typically more expensive than other roofing materials and it’s a rock-solid investment that provide dividends far into the future. If lead work is carried out properly, by professional contractors, there are no further maintenance costs and the lead work should last as long as the property itself.

All of our team of roofing specialists have each accredited to them a long history of specialist experience in working on lead work roofing projects.

As a well-established and trusted roofing contractors, we pride ourselves on our lead work being completely water resistant, pleasing to the eye and with our especial attention to detail we provide exceptional work around chimneys, abutments, valleys and much more.

If you would like to discuss your ideas or have any questions call us on 03335 77 30 35 or fill in our contact form where you can arrange a free survey and quote.

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